Age Range: 4-10

Review: Deceptively simple pictures and wording hide a wicked sense of humor.

Call #: JE K

Age Range: 4-10

Review: Kids will love that the reader has to read every silly word (and they’re silly).

Call #: JE NOV

Age Range: 4-10

Review: A group of unhappy animals team up to save their home. Hilarious and unexpected.

Call #: JE REX

Age Range: 9-14

Review: An adventure with a young hero who learns that there are many things to be good at, and many ways to help. You will cheer for Will!

Call #: J FLA

Age Range: 10-16

Review: A wonderfully-written adventure/drama with heart and difficult decisions. I’ve read this several times, and loved it more every time.

Call #: J BAB

Age Range: 4 – 10

Review: The mouse was really funny. I didn’t like how it made the boy tired.


Age Range: 10 – 16

Review: I liked this book because I like the story it tells. The story was not predictable. It was a good book; definitely recommended.

Call #: J PAU

Age Range: 8 – 12

Review: What this book was about a kid named Greg. He tells his stories about his middle school adventures, for example how he met his best friend Rowley.

Call #: J KINNEY

Age Range: 7 – 10

Review: I loved this book because of its story. Babymouse tries to be famous, gets famous, blows it. She tries being the director of a play, does well, blows it. I love the story the author drags out of one little idea.

Call #: J HOLM

Genre: Dark fantasy

Review: At turns magical and deeply unsettling, a mysterious start to a series with very human characters.

Call #: YA RIG

Genre: Science fiction fairytale

Review: A familiar tale told in a very different way. It captures your attention like Cinder captures your loyalty as a reader.

Call #: YA MEYER

Genre: Adventurous fantasy

Review: Funny and clever, with expansive characters and an exciting plot.


Genre: Adventurous science fiction

Review: A ragtag band of relatable misfits have to save the universe…maybe from themselves. Funny and serious.


Genre: Steampunk-y dramatic fantasy

Review: What if everyone was born with a best friend? What if someone was trying to separate you? Nail-biting and emotional.


Book Discussion Group:

COVID-19 Modification: 

The Food for Thought Book Club will be meeting via
Zoom, or, weather permitting, at the picnic tables here at BML.  If you wish to participate, give your name and email  address to a staff member (call the number below), and you will receive a message with the link and password for the event.

Genre: Domestic historical fiction

Review: I could not put this book down. Riveting!

Call #: BENTON

Genre: Thriller

Review: Kept me reading long past bedtime!

Call #: DAVE

Genre: Mystery, psychological fiction

Review: Highly recommended–very good! Relatable characters, compelling storyline

Call #: ALBOM

Genre: Historical fiction

Review: Highly recommended for fans of libraries!

Call #: DAVIS

Genre: Historical fiction

Review: The writing is gorgeous. Not a happy story, but compelling.

Call #: KEEGAN

Genre: Humor, Contemporary romance

Review: I absolutely devoured this book, and it made me emotional at the end.

Call #: SAMPSO

Genre: Domestic fiction

Review: Fun and quirky. Enjoyed the way it was written.

Call #: RAY

Genre: Contemporary fantasy

Review: Emotional and heartwarming story about life, loss and love as well as learning to grow and move forward.

Call #: KLUNE

Genre: Romantic fantasy adventure

Review: A wonderful fantasy with an interesting premise.

Call #: GAI

Genre: Speculative romantic fiction

Review: For fans of dystopian novels, this one is the start of an engrossing trilogy.

Call #: ATW

Genre: Dystopian science fiction

Review: I devoured this book–fans of the TV series should enjoy this as well!

Call #: ATW

Genre: Science fiction comedy

Review: A long-time silly favorite of mine and a must-read series.

Call #: ADA

Genre: Memoir

Review: Eye-opening and beautifully written.

Call #: 3622.7483 HAUCK

Thames River Landing, Fort Street, Groton, CT 06340   |   (no phone number listed)

The Water Taxi runs seasonally on the River Thames on a hop-on, hop-off hourly look between the following three stops (board from any of these three landings):

  • Fort Trumbull in New London (on the hour)
  • City Pier in New London (20 minutes after the hour)
  • Thames River Landing in Groton (40 minutes after the hour)

Free admission for 1 rider.  Families may check out more than one pass at a time.  Taxi runs on weekends seasonally, from Memorial weekend through Mid-September.  Please note that the pass does not cover river tours.

Check their website for up-to-date hours and admission requirements.