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Donors for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year

Virginia Ager

Jo Aldred

Roger S. Allen

Joellen Anderson


Martin P. Artale, Jr.

Bruce Avery

Charlotte Barnum

John and Nancy Bernard

Richard and Jane Bucklin

Milly Carlson

Clarence Casper

Barbara N. Conte

Peggy Criscitiello

Kathy Cruise

Steve and Marsha Dietrich

Lea Doran and Gail Cueto

Michelle Doty

Janet Downs

John and Susan Durham

Barbara Dutton

Charlie Ebbinghaus

Jeanne J. Fleming

Marge and Nick Fondulas

Marian Galbraith

Larry and Barbara Gerrish

Todd Gipstein

Myles Halliwell

Conrad Heede

Robyn Hoffmann and Brent Eugenides

Michael Irace

Timothy Jackson

Donna Johnston

Rob Jordan

Joseph Kane

Gerry and Hali Keeler

Paul and Bernadette Kunkemoeller

Mary E. LaForce

Emily Lavoie

James D. Lubitz

Jared A. Mancini

Mary E. and Richard A. Mancini

Jackie Massett

Ken McBride

David and Erin McBride

Lenore M. Milner

Kenneth and Jane Moriarty

Ed & Mary Namolek

Kate and Dan Nelson

Sheila and Dan O’Donnell

Barbara A. Nagy and
Mark R. Oefinger

Lana and Dimi Orphanides

Ivan and Naomi Otterness

Jim and Christine Parizo

Carol Polifroni

Fritz and Lynn Poppe

Kevin and Carmella Prendergast

Jacqueline and Frank Ricci

David Rose and Shirleyann Dunbar-Rose

Dwaine and Karen Rugh

Jill and Jason Rusk

William G. Ryan

The Salemma Family

Bill and Deborah Sanford

George and MaryAnn Scully

Andrea and Anthony Skiff

Duncan and Lolly Stoddard

Jim Streeter

Elizabeth and Archie Swindell

Harold and Barbara Tarbox

Fred and Dorothy Walker

The Webster Family

Robert L. Zuliani

*This list is updated periodically until the fiscal year closes.

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In Memoriam Donors

In memory of Arnold Avery:
Susan Durham

In memory of Keith Busiere:
B. Jean Connal

In memory of Phil Houk:
Donna Houk

In memory of Joan Konicki:
Francine Sproul
Jane Lionelli
The Cash Family Trust
Jessica Clark
Nita Renee Davis
Cynthia and Jay Fortner
Micheline and Christopher Jedrey
Michele and Howard Kessler
Jackie Massett
Suzanne H. Palmieri
John Petrick
Jon & Sharon Roberts
David Rose and Shirleyann Dunbar-Rose
Jim Streeter
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Sweet
Colleen Whipple

In memory of Margaret Orkney:
Nancy Orkney Hileman

In memory of Ella Petrick:
Karen Podurgiel
Nancy Orkney Hileman
Eileen Cerniglia
Jane Lionelli
Sandra McCourt
Kenneth and Jane Moriarty
Mary Stober
Michael Wisdom

In memory of Lance Rockefeller:
Meryl Rockefeller


Julie Allen

Ted Allen

Brian Bergman

Noelle Boles

Scott Carle

Pete Connal

Ruth Connal

Ky Connal-Nicolaou

Anuja Dharmadhikari

Marsha Dietrich

Lea Doran

Michelle Doty

Janet Downs

Rick Gipstein

Nora Gay

Eileen Johnson

Donna Johnston

Aditya Joshi

Bernadette Kunkemoeller

Emily Lavoie

Darlynea LePage

Erica Lombardi

Stephanie Maiolo

Pat Mandell

Jackie Massett

Aaron McBride

Ken McBride

Christy McElroy

Eric McElroy

Barbara Nagy

Mark Oefinger

Ivan Otterness

Naomi Otterness

Beverly Platts

Christine Post

Bill Pratt

David Rose

Jason Rusk

Jill Rusk

Kathy Spindler

Dane Stevenson

Elizabeth Swindell

Barbara Tarbox

U.S. Navy Volunteers

Penny Vail

Rob Zuliani