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Age Range: 4-10

Review: Deceptively simple pictures and wording hide a wicked sense of humor.

Call #: JE K

Age Range: 4-10

Review: Kids will love that the reader has to read every silly word (and they’re silly).

Call #: JE NOV

Age Range: 4-10

Review: A group of unhappy animals team up to save their home. Hilarious and unexpected.

Call #: JE REX

Age Range: 9-14

Review: An adventure with a young hero who learns that there are many things to be good at, and many ways to help. You will cheer for Will!

Call #: J FLA

Age Range: 10-16

Review: A wonderfully-written adventure/drama with heart and difficult decisions. I’ve read this several times, and loved it more every time.

Call #: J BAB

Age Range: 4 – 10

Review: The mouse was really funny. I didn’t like how it made the boy tired.


Age Range: 10 – 16

Review: I liked this book because I like the story it tells. The story was not predictable. It was a good book; definitely recommended.

Call #: J PAU

Age Range: 8 – 12

Review: What this book was about a kid named Greg. He tells his stories about his middle school adventures, for example how he met his best friend Rowley.

Call #: J KINNEY

Age Range: 7 – 10

Review: I loved this book because of its story. Babymouse tries to be famous, gets famous, blows it. She tries being the director of a play, does well, blows it. I love the story the author drags out of one little idea.

Call #: J HOLM

Genre: Dark fantasy

Review: At turns magical and deeply unsettling, a mysterious start to a series with very human characters.

Call #: YA RIG

Genre: Science fiction fairytale

Review: A familiar tale told in a very different way. It captures your attention like Cinder captures your loyalty as a reader.

Call #: YA MEYER

Genre: Adventurous fantasy

Review: Funny and clever, with expansive characters and an exciting plot.


Genre: Adventurous science fiction

Review: A ragtag band of relatable misfits have to save the universe…maybe from themselves. Funny and serious.


Genre: Steampunk-y dramatic fantasy

Review: What if everyone was born with a best friend? What if someone was trying to separate you? Nail-biting and emotional.


Genre: Romance

Review: A light summer read. I enjoyed watching the main character change. This is one of my favorite authors.

Call #: GIFFIN

Genre: Cooking (fiction)

Review: Very different from what I usually read. I enjoyed the humor the author added to this technologically based story.

Call #: SLOAN

Genre: Coming of age murder mystery

Review: Like life, this story breaks your heart, mends it a bit, then breaks it again. It keeps you hooked until the very end.

Call #: OWENS

Genre: Historical fiction

Review: A story of love and friendship over a shared wedding dress set against the dramatic landscape of WWII England

Call #: RYAN

Genre: Thriller, police procedural

Review: Very suspenseful and great storyline. Kept me interested.

Call #: HARPER

Genre: Historical, Psychological fiction

Review: Interesting read on a successful woman in the business world during the 1920s – 30s and beyond. Story based on Margaret Fishback, a female copywriter, her successes, sorrows, and flashbacks on a privileged yet tumultuous life.

Call #: ROONEY

Genre: Nonfiction, poetry

Review: This book of poems is a perfect example of the power of words. Reading it I was often in tears.

Call #: 811.6 GORMAN

Genre: History, sports, nonfiction

Review: There is nothing as exciting as a kids’ game. The author goes with this as his theme and leaves you feeling you’ve just read about the ’69 Mets.

Call #: 796.357 MIT