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Age Range: 4-10

Review: Deceptively simple pictures and wording hide a wicked sense of humor.

Call #: JE K

Age Range: 4-10

Review: Kids will love that the reader has to read every silly word (and they’re silly).

Call #: JE NOV

Age Range: 4-10

Review: A group of unhappy animals team up to save their home. Hilarious and unexpected.

Call #: JE REX

Age Range: 9-14

Review: An adventure with a young hero who learns that there are many things to be good at, and many ways to help. You will cheer for Will!

Call #: J FLA

Age Range: 10-16

Review: A wonderfully-written adventure/drama with heart and difficult decisions. I’ve read this several times, and loved it more every time.

Call #: J BAB

Genre: Dark fantasy

Review: At turns magical and deeply unsettling, a mysterious start to a series with very human characters.

Call #: YA RIG

Genre: Science fiction fairytale

Review: A familiar tale told in a very different way. It captures your attention like Cinder captures your loyalty as a reader.

Call #: YA MEYER

Genre: Adventurous fantasy

Review: Funny and clever, with expansive characters and an exciting plot.


Genre: Adventurous science fiction

Review: A ragtag band of relatable misfits have to save the universe…maybe from themselves. Funny and serious.


Genre: Steampunk-y dramatic fantasy

Review: What if everyone was born with a best friend? What if someone was trying to separate you? Nail-biting and emotional.


Genre: Domestic historical fiction

Review: I could not put this book down. Riveting!

Call #: BENTON

Genre: Thriller

Review: Kept me reading long past bedtime!

Call #: DAVE

Genre: Mystery, psychological fiction

Review: Highly recommended–very good! Relatable characters, compelling storyline

Call #: ALBOM

Genre: Historical fiction

Review: Highly recommended for fans of libraries!

Call #: DAVIS

Genre: Historical fiction

Review: The writing is gorgeous. Not a happy story, but compelling.

Call #: KEEGAN

Genre: Humor, Contemporary romance

Review: I absolutely devoured this book, and it made me emotional at the end.

Call #: SAMPSO

Genre: Domestic fiction

Review: Fun and quirky. Enjoyed the way it was written.

Call #: RAY

Genre: Contemporary fantasy

Review: Emotional and heartwarming story about life, loss and love as well as learning to grow and move forward.

Call #: KLUNE

Genre: Romantic fantasy adventure

Review: A wonderful fantasy with an interesting premise.

Call #: GAI

Genre: Speculative romantic fiction

Review: For fans of dystopian novels, this one is the start of an engrossing trilogy.

Call #: ATW

Genre: Dystopian science fiction

Review: I devoured this book–fans of the TV series should enjoy this as well!

Call #: ATW

Genre: Science fiction comedy

Review: A long-time silly favorite of mine and a must-read series.

Call #: ADA

Genre: Memoir

Review: Eye-opening and beautifully written.

Call #: 3622.7483 HAUCK