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Age Range: 0 – 2 (officially, but I think that it’s 0 – 200!)

Review: Bright pictures and simple text lead to a humorous ending.

Call #: JE SHE

Age Range: 4-10

Review: This retelling of a classic story is terrific! It has a very humorous addition to the Norwegian ending. The pictures are delightfully quirky.


Age Range: 4 – 10

Review: The mouse was really funny. I didn’t like how it made the boy tired.


Age Range: 4-8

Review: A favorite of mine since I was a child

Call #: J 811 SILVER

Age Range: 8-12

Review: Favorite hobby meets one of my favorite comic book artists, what’s not to love?

Call #: J OSTERT

Age Range: 8-12

Review: A classic Nancy Drew mystery that’s hard to beat!

Call #: J KEENE

Age Range: 10+

Review: One of my all time favorite series, can’t recommend it enough.

Call #: J SNI

Age Range: 7 – 10

Review: I loved this book because of its story. Babymouse tries to be famous, gets famous, blows it. She tries being the director of a play, does well, blows it. I love the story the author drags out of one little idea.

Call #: J HOLM

Genre: Steampunk/Dieselpunk

Review: A story of alternate history WWI

Call #: YA WES

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Review: Kept me engaged through the whole series

Call #: YA TAY

Genre: Dystopian science fiction

Review: I have read this series no less than four times

Call #: YA WES

Genre: Mystery thriller

Review: An “own stories” novel about a young woman caught up in trying to solve the drug problem plaguing her community.


Genre: Gentle romance

Review: Heartwarming teen romance, one of the best books by this author


Genre: Dystopian literature

Review: Engrossing story with an interesting premise

Call #: YA LOWRY

Genre: Semi-autobiographical graphic novel

Review: Nutmeg finalist. Story about a young boy struggling with identity and bullying.


Genre: Realistic fiction graphic novel

Review: Made me cry, very emotional story.


Genre: Women’s Fiction

Review: Scandal after scandal, big and small! Everyone has their own story to tell in this tiny town, but at the end of the day they’re just regular people.

Call #: AND

Genre: Autobiography

Review: This shows that, while it can be difficult, staying true to yourself will set you free.

Call #: B DOYLE

Genre: Romantic historical mystery

Review: Generational saga set in beautiful Venice – secrets, twists, art, love – and not too heavy!

Call #: BOWEN

Genre: Psychological horror

Review: Perfect for Halloween. So good, I read it twice!

Call #: DRESSL

Genre: Psychological thriller/mystery

Review: Very quick and easy read – great thriller!

Call #: MICHAE

Genre: Fantasy, horror

Review: Strange little one-afternoon read that I’m obsessed with

Call #: MUR

Genre: Suspense, police procedural

Review: Had a different plot – unusual

Call #: POBI