2024 Spring Children’s Book Order

Spring is right around the corner! Here are some great new books to celebrate. To place an item on hold, log into the catalog or call us.

AuthorTitleRelease Date
Allan, JohnThe Outdoor Survival Guide for Kids2/29/2024
Archer, MichaWhat's New, Daniel?2/20/2024
Avila, MarianaLet's Meet Taylor3/26/2024
Bailey, JennHenry and the Something New3/19/2024
Barnett, MacHow Does Santa Go Down the Chimney?9/12/2023
Barton, ChrisGlitter Everywhere!6/27/2023
Bates, IvanKeep Up, Duck!3/19/2024
Belote, AshleyDon't Wash Winston3/26/2024
Best, CariThis Baby. That Baby.2/27/2024
Black, HollyThe Wicked King1/8/2019
Brallier, MaxThe Last Comics on Earth 24/30/2024
Brennan, MeganMagic Girls 13/5/2024
Bruel, NickBad Kitty3/26/2024
Cavallaro, MikeEowulf of Monsters & Middle School 12/13/2024
Chanani, NidhiShark Princess 33/26/2024
Chapman, JaneEach of Us Is a Miracle3/5/2024
Colombi, ChiaraRocket Ship, Solo Trip2/27/2024
Cook, JuliaI Am Money1/2/2024
Cooper, ElishaEmma Full of Wonders4/2/2024
Coven, WandaBiggest Secret Ever!3/5/2024
Cube KidShadow over Aetheria1/30/2024
Cutler, MarcusI Do Not Eat Children2/20/2024
Daywalt, DrewThe Wrong Book2/27/2024
Deibert, AmandaMarvel's Rocket and Groot12/5/2023
DiCamillo, KateOrris and Timble4/30/2024
DiCamillo, KateFerris3/5/2024
Doyle, RuthYou Are Part of the Wonder2/13/2024
Draanen, Wendelin VanGravity Is Bringing Me Down1/16/2024
Dyckman, AmeThe Cozy Home2/6/2024
Favreau, MarcAttacked!11/14/2023
Fenske, JonathanA Unicorn, a Dinosaur, and a Shark Were Riding a Bicycle3/19/2024
Flake, Sharon G.You Make Me Sneeze!2/20/2024
Fleming, CandaceThe Enigma Girls3/5/2024
Forman, RuthLike So1/2/2024
Forster, MiriamBugs2/13/2024
Gidwitz, AdamMax in the House of Spies2/27/2024
Gratz, AlanHeroes2/6/2024
Gutiérrez, JoleneToo Much!8/1/2023
Gutman, DanMiss Nichol Is in a Pickle!2/20/2024
Gutman, DanNo More School, April Fools!2/6/2024
Hale, ShannonBubbly Beautiful Kitty-corn3/26/2024
Harvey-smith, LisaUniversal Guide to the Night Sky2/13/2024
Healy, ChristopherThe Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom4/30/2013
Hest, AmyBunny Should Be Sleeping3/5/2024
Hest, AmyBig Bear and Little Bear Go Fishing5/7/2024
Higgins, Ryan T.Penelope Rex and the Problem With Pets3/26/2024
Horner, DoogieThe Adventures of Invisible Boy 11/30/2024
Hutchinson, Shaun DavidThe School for Invisible Boys2/6/2024
Jameson, KarenWake Up, Woodlands3/5/2024
John, JoryYou're Going to Love This Book!3/12/2024
Jones, Marcia ThorntonThe Adventures of the Bailey School Kids 44/2/2024
Jordan, Anna E.Shira & Esther's Double Dream Debut10/10/2023
Khan, Hiba NoorSafiyyah's War5/7/2024
Kusaka, HidenoriPokémon Sword & Shield 812/12/2023
Langridge, RogerThor8/8/2023
Larsen, MylisaAll of Those Babies2/6/2024
Livingston, LivSpirited 11/30/2024
London, AlexThe Princess Protection Program2/13/2024
Lowery, MikePizza Shark4/2/2024
Maihack, MikeA Mighty Marvel Team-Up 21/2/2024
Manley, CurtisClimbing the Volcano1/9/2024
McDonald, MeganIs This a House for Hermit Crab?2/13/2024
McMillan, KateMaple's Theory of Fun3/5/2024
Miller, KaylaClick 61/2/2024
Miura, TomoLittle Sisters2/27/2024
Montgomery, SyBrave Baby Hummingbird3/19/2024
Murray, DianaUnicorn Night9/7/2021
Osborne, Mary PopeAfternoon on the Amazon Graphic Novel3/26/2024
O'Shaughnessy, KateThe Wrong Way Home4/2/2024
Pilkey, DavDog Man 123/19/2024
Reedstrom, KirkDuck and Moose 13/5/2024
Reedstrom, KirkDuck and Moose 23/5/2024
Reid, AimeeA World of Love1/2/2024
Rellihan, AnneNot the Worst Friend in the World2/6/2024
Rudd, Maggie C.I'll Hold Your Hand12/26/2023
Sadler, MarilynBunny With a Big Heart12/19/2023
Salmon, CasparHow to Count to One6/6/2023
Scott, JordanAngela's Glacier1/2/2024
Smith, Jennifer N. R.Glow6/13/2023
Specht, Amie DarnellDancing in the Storm2/6/2024
Sumner, EijaThe Good Little Mermaid's Guide to Bedtime3/5/2024
Teckentrup, BrittaA Happy Place2/6/2024
Turner, Pamela S.Comet Chaser3/5/2024
Wendell, Mindy NicholsLight and Air1/2/2024
Whittingham, JaneBunny Loves Beans4/16/2024
Wilson, KarmaBear Finds Eggs1/16/2024
Winick, JuddHilo 102/27/2024
Winston, SherriShark Teeth1/16/2024
Yee, LisaA Royal Conundrum1/2/2024
Yogerst, JoeNational Parks3/19/2024
Ziefert, HarrietIs This the Bus for Us?6/20/2023