2023-2024 J Winter Book Order

Happy winter! Snuggle up with a new book! These titles are great for kids of all ages. To reserve a title, log into the catalog or call us at 860-445-0392.

Abraham, AylarEverything Is New10/3/2023
Anders, LouAll Is Found11/7/2023
Bailey, LindaThe Three Little Mittens10/24/2023
Bently, PeterI Am Dog!9/5/2023
Bird, PipThe Naughtiest Unicorn in a Winter Wonderland10/24/2023
Black, HollySir Morien10/24/2023
Boynton, SandraOoo, Baby Baby!12/5/2023
Boynton, SandraHippos Remain Calm12/12/2023
Boynton, SandraPerfect Piggies!9/5/2023
Brennan, Linda CrottaThe Selkie's Daughter1/2/2024
Bruel, NickBad Kitty Makes a Movie12/26/2023
Colfer, EoinJuniper’s Christmas10/31/2023
Cube KidA Noob's Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior1/9/2024
DiCamillo, KateMercy Watson Is Missing!12/5/2023
Duprau, JeanneProject F10/10/2023
Dyckman, AmeDon't Blow Your Top!10/17/2023
Eady, AntwanThe Last Stand1/30/2024
Ehlert, LoisRed & Green9/12/2023
Fenske, JonathanThis Tank Is Mine!9/5/2023
Ford, BernetteThe Magical Snowflake10/17/2023
Fox, JanetWintergarden11/7/2023
Gehl, LauraFrog Can Hop12/12/2023
Gibbons, GailGalaxies, Galaxies!12/12/2023
Graham, GeorgiaThe Smallest Owlet11/28/2023
Green, John PatrickInvestigators Agents of S.u.i.t.2/20/2024
Gutman, DanProfessor Pitt Is a Nitwit!10/17/2023
Harris, ShawnThe Teeny-weeny Unicorn2/6/2024
Hatke, BenThings in the Basement8/29/2023
Hepworth, AmeliaI Love You to the Moon and Back All Year Long11/7/2023
Hillenbrand, WillLittle Red10/10/2023
Ho, JannieThe Lost Mitten11/7/2023
Hodgkinson, LeighThe Princess and the (Greedy) Pea12/5/2023
Holm, Jennifer L.Sunny 52/6/2024
Jarman, JuliaCheeky Chick!1/2/2024
Jennings, JohnMarvel Super Stories 110/17/2023
Jonker, TravisJust One Flake10/10/2023
Kalb, BessBuffalo Fluffalo1/2/2024
Kimmelman, LeslieEve and Adam and Their Very First Day10/24/2023
Kinser, Heather FerrantiNature Is a Sculptor9/5/2023
Klepeis, AliciaSecrets of the Forest10/3/2023
Korman, GordonSlugfest1/9/2024
Ledyard, StephanieSuperbaby10/17/2023
Lim, RebeccaTiger Daughter8/15/2023
Lock, DeborahSpaceships and Rockets9/5/2023
Lodge, JoChirp! Chirp! I'm a Chick!1/2/2024
Lowery, MikeSanta Shark10/3/2023
Lubner, SusanForever Friends11/7/2023
Mack, JeffScaredy Cats10/10/2023
Mack, JeffTime to Make Art1/16/2024
Martin, Ann M.The Baby-Sitters Club 1512/26/2023
Marx, PatriciaTired Town10/10/2023
McGhee, AlisonBaby Be10/10/2023
McQuinn, AnnaLola at the Library7/1/2006
Mix, RebeccaThe Mossheart's Promise9/5/2023
Mlynowski, SarahSeeing Red10/30/2018
Mlynowski, SarahAbby in Neverland8/1/2023
Mlynowski, SarahTwo Peas in a Pod4/24/2018
National Geographic Kids5-Minute Shark Stories11/7/2023
Parr, ToddLove the World9/26/2017
Penguin Young Readers LicensesBluey 5-Minute Stories10/11/2022
Petty, DevDon't Trust Cats1/2/2024
Pew, KaileiThe Monster Above the Bed10/24/2023
Pilkey, DavCaptain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People3/7/2023
PinkfongBaby Shark Feels Happy12/5/2023
Pizzoli, GregLucky Duck2/6/2024
Raczka, RobertThe Power of Snow10/3/2023
Rafer, AngeliThe Adventures of the Bailey School Kids 39/5/2023
Reagan, JeanTurbo's Special Delivery10/24/2023
Reynolds, Peter H.All We Need Is Love and a Really Soft Pillow!10/3/2023
Richards, Natalie D.15 Secrets to Survival11/7/2023
Rosen, MichaelI Am Happy!12/12/2023
Rossner, RoseI Love You, My Little Dinosaur12/5/2023
Runton, AndyOwly 53/5/2024
Ryland, D. K.Giraffe Is Too Tall for This Book10/17/2023
Rylant, CynthiaHornbeam All in12/5/2023
Sager Weinstein, JacobWhat Rosa Brought11/14/2023
Schulte, Anitra RoweWillow and Bunny10/10/2023
Shaskan, StephenPizza and Taco 71/2/2024
Silverman, BuffyOn a Flake-Flying Day10/3/2023
Slater, ScottDown the Hole10/31/2023
Smith, SydneyDo You Remember?10/3/2023
Stansbie, StephanieThe Owl Who Dared10/3/2023
Sutherland, TuiThe Dangerous Gift3/7/2023
Sutherland, TuiThe Poison Jungle5/4/2021
Sutherland, TuiThe Hive Queen5/5/2020
Swartz, EllyHidden Truths10/31/2023
Tran, PhucCranky2/6/2024
Wax, DavidI Wish for You11/14/2023
Whitehill, SimchaPokémon12/26/2023
Willms, RussParker's Place8/1/2023
Wilson, KarmaI Love Your Face!11/7/2023
Winter, JonahThe Snow Man10/3/2023
Wrede, Patricia C.The Dark Lord's Daughter9/5/2023
Wyman, ChristinaJawbreaker10/24/2023
Yolen, JaneNana and Me11/21/2023