2023 July Adult Book Order

Summer is heating up with some new titles hot off the press! To reserve a title, log into our catalog here or call us at 860-445-0392. Happy reading!

Ahmed, JamilaEvery Rising Sun7/18/2023F
Black, LisaWhat Harms You7/25/23F
Burke, James LeeFlags on the Bayou7/11/2023F
Castellano, ElizabethSave What's Left6/27/2023F
Castillo, LindaAn Evil Heart7/11/2023F
Center, KatherineHello Stranger7/11/2023F
Desai, SaraTo Have and to Heist7/18/2023F
Dewitt, PatrickThe Librarianist7/4/2023F
George, NinaThe Little Village of Book Lovers7/25/2023F
Gjata, JunaFood, We Need to Talk7/11/2023NF
Griffiths, Rachel ElizaPromise7/11/2023F
Henn, CarstenThe Door-to-Door Bookstore7/4/2023F
Herrera, AdrianaAn Island Princess Starts a Scandal5/30/2023F
Koontz, Dean R.After Death7/18/23F
Koryta, MichaelAn Honest Man7/25/2023F
Lapena, ShariEveryone Here Is Lying7/25/2023F
Lippman, LauraProm Mom7/25/2023F
Macomber, DebbieMust Love Flowers7/11/23F
Maden, MikeClive Cussler Fire Strike6/6/2023F
McMillan, ClaireAlchemy of a Blackbird7/11/2023F
Mejia, Tehlor KaySammy Espinoza's Last Review7/18/2023F
Myers, KateExcavations7/4/2023F
Patterson, JamesCircle of Death7/03/23F
Patterson, JamesObsessed : A Psychological Thriller7/10/23F
Ridker, AndrewHope7/11/2023F
Rose, LloydCrazy Good Vegan10/11/2022NF
Rowland, AmyInside the Wolf7/11/2023F
Ryan, JenniferSummer's Gift6/20/2023F
Sebestyen, VictorBudapest9/5/2023NF
Silva, DanielThe Collector7/18/23F
Sims, LauraHow Can I Help You7/18/2023F
Smith, DominicReturn to Valetto6/13/2023F
Solomon, Rachel LynnBusiness or Pleasure7/4/2023F
Thompson, MichaelHow to Be Remembered6/27/2023F
Thor, BradDead Fall7/25/23F
Walker, WendyWhat Remains6/13/2023F
Walsh, ColinKala7/25/2023F
Weir, AlisonThe King's Pleasure5/30/2023F
Whitehead, ColsonCrook Manifesto7/18/23F