2023 April Adult Book Order

April showers of pages: new adult book order!

Call us at 860-445-0392 to place a title (or titles!) on reserve, or for more information.

Adams, TaylorThe Last Word4/25/2023F
Baldacci, DavidSimply Lies4/18/23F
Bannalec, Jean-LucThe Body by the Sea4/25/2023F
Beanland, RachelThe House Is on Fire4/4/2023F
Bellefleur, AlexandriaThe Fiance Farce4/18/2023F
Chadwick, BruceThe Cannons Roar4/4/2023NF
Clark, Mary HigginsWhere Are the Children Now?4/18/23F
Desmond, MatthewPoverty, by America3/21/2023NF
Deveraux, JudeMy Heart Will Find You4/11/23F
Draycott, JaneCleopatra's Daughter5/23/2023NF
Eding, StephanieSaid No One Ever4/4/2023F
Egan, TimothyA Fever in the Heartland4/4/2023NF
Fox, HesterThe Last Heir to Blackwood Library4/4/2023F
Frahm, EckartAssyria4/4/2023NF
Frazier, CharlesThe Trackers4/11/2023F
Freeman, HadleyGood Girls4/18/2023F
Gilmore, LucyThe Lonely Hearts Book Club3/28/2023F
Grann, DavidThe Wager4/18/2023NF
Griffiths, EllyThe Last Remains4/25/2023F
Henry, EmilyHappy Place4/25/2023F
Hillerman, AnneThe Way of the Bear4/25/2023F
Hoffs, SusannaThis Bird Has Flown4/4/2023F
Holton, IndiaThe Secret Service of Tea and Treason4/18/2023F
Hyder, LizThe Gifts4/25/2023F
Jackson, JennyPineapple Street3/7/2023F
Janowitz, BrendaThe Audrey Hepburn Estate4/18/2023F
Jimenez, AbbyYours Truly4/11/2023F
Joseph, PatersonThe Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho4/11/2023F
Kelly, Martha HallThe Golden Doves4/18/2023F
King, Neil, Jr.American Ramble4/4/2023NF
Klune, T. J.In the Lives of Puppets4/25/2023F
Lehane, DennisSmall Mercies4/25/23F
Marcus, Leonard S.Pictured Worlds3/28/2023NF
Meissner, SusanOnly the Beautiful4/18/2023F
Miranda, MeganThe Only Survivors4/11/2023F
Moore, SusannaThe Lost Wife4/4/2023F
Morton, KateHomecoming4/4/2023F
Novak, BrendaThe Seaside Library4/11/2023F
Plait, PhilipUnder Alien Skies4/18/2023F
Robson, JenniferCoronation Year4/4/2023F
Sandford, JohnDark Angel4/11/23F
Shelton, PaigeFateful Words4/4/2023F
Sittenfeld, CurtisRomantic Comedy4/4/2023F
Slocumb, BrendanSymphony of Secrets4/18/2023F
Smith, LeeSilver Alert4/18/2023F
Sternbergh, AdamThe Eden Test4/25/2023F
Stim, RichardContracts9/28/2021NF
Stradal, J. RyanSaturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club4/18/2023F
Winchester, SimonKnowing What We Know4/25/2023NF
Winslow, DonCity of Dreams4/18/2023F