2023 Winter Children’s Book Order

It’s chilly outside, so stay in and read children’s books! Here is Miss Mary-Jane’s newest book order. Call us at 860-445-0392 to place titles on hold. Happy reading!

Ardagh, PhilipBunnies in a Boat
Armand, GlendaIce Cream Man
Ashman, LindaFire Chief Fran
Balfe, AbigailA Different Kind of Normal
Barry, MichelleMoongarden
Beck, Miya T.The Pearl Hunter
Berger, SamanthaThe Totally Not Wicked Stepmother
Berlin, Ethan T.How to Draw a Happy Cat
Bertman, Jennifer ChamblissSisterhood of Sleuths
Bondia, TauhidCrabgrass
Borba, AdamOutside Nowhere
Bow, ErinSimon Sort of Says
Boynton, SandraPeekaboo Rex!
Boynton, SandraBelly Button Book!
Bradley, SandraCocoa Magic
Bruel, NickDrawn to Trouble
Cheng, ChristopherWill We Always Hold Hands?
Chin, JasonThe Universe in You
Cohen, TziporahOn the Corner of Chocolate Avenue
Cordell, MatthewEvergreen
Cordell, MatthewCornbread & Poppy at the Carnival
Cousins, LucyMaisy's Snowy Day
Cummins, Lucy RuthSleepy Sheepy
Cuyler, MargeryThe Little Fire Truck
Dan & JasonBarb the Last Berzerker 2
Demas, CorinneThe Perfect Tree
Dolan, HannahHow to Build Lego Dinosaurs
Dorling Kindersley Ltd.The Best Ever Cake Book
Dorling Kindersley Ltd.Extraordinary Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life Visual Encyclopedia
Drimmer, Stephanie WarrenSharks!
Faber, PollyAll Through the Night
Feldman, Amy E.Ezra Exposed
Fenske, JonathanA Unicorn, a Dinosaur, and a Shark Walk into a Book
Fox, MemOur Dragon
Gehl, LauraDog Can Hide
Gibbs, StuartSpy School Project X
Giovanni, NikkiA Library
Goldman, DuffSuper Good Cookies for Kids
Goodale, E. B.Also
Grady, RonWhat Does Brown Mean to You?
Gratz, AlanCaptain America
Green, John PatrickInvestigators 6
Gutman, DanLil Mouse Is in the House!
Hale, ShannonThe Princess in Black and the Mermaid Princess
Hamilton, KerstenWhat's Up, Pup?
Harper, Charise MericleI Cannot Draw a Horse
Hastings, NatashaThe Frost Fair
Haughton, ChrisWell Done, Mommy Penguin
Hegarty, PatriciaWe Are Love
Heim, AlastairBig Bub, Small Tub
Hest, AmyBilly & Rose
Hillenbrand, WillThe Voice in the Hollow
Hinodeya, SankichiSplatoon 16
Jenkins, MartinPuffin
John, JoryThe Sour Grape
June, JasonNever Forget Eleanor
Keene, CarolynCaptain Stone's Revenge
Kline, Logan S.Finding Fire
Korman, GordonThe Superteacher Project
Kung, IsabellaNo Snowball!
LaRochelle, David100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli
Lerner, JarrettNat the Cat Takes a Nap
Litwin, MeganTwinkle, Twinkle, Winter Night
Lowry, LoisThe Windeby Puzzle
MacLachlan, PatriciaSnow Horses
Mancusi, MariNew Dragon City
March, JuliaThomas & Friends Meet the Engines
Martin, Ann M.The Baby-Sitters Club 13
Maruno, JenniferWhile You Sleep
Mattern, Joanne100 Disasters That Shaped World History
National Geographic KidsWeird But True! World 2023
National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids 5 minute Baby Animal Stories
Norman, KimThe Bears Shared
Obuhanych, KarenThis Little Kitty
Osborne, Mary PopeRhinos at Recess
Oshiro, MarkYou Only Live Once, David Bravo
Paleo, DougDinomighty! 3
Parry, RosanneBig Truck Day
Pasternack, SofiyaBlack Bird, Blue Road
Pattison, Rosie GowsellJust Joking 7
Pearson, RidleyDisney Cautionary Tales
Perkins, Lynne RaeViolet & Jobie in the Wild
Pilkey, DavCat Kid Comic Club 4
Pizzoli, GregBaloney and Friends 3
Polacco, PatriciaPalace of Books
Quattlebaum, MaryAdorable Animals
Reagan, JeanHow to Host a Sleepover
Rex, AdamDigestion! The Musical
Rinker, Sherri DuskeyConstruction Site: Farming Strong All Year Long
Rosen, MichaelReady for Spaghetti
Rosenthal, Amy KrouseUni Joins the Team
Roth, JonathanRover and Speck 1
Ruff, JerryOwen's Day With Daddy
Ruff, JerryNoah and His Wagon
Santat, DanA First Time for Everything
Schrempp, SkylerThree Strike Summer
Scieszka, JonThe Real Dada Mother Goose
Shaskan, StephenPizza and Taco 5
Shaskan, StephenPizza and Taco 5
Smith, BrianPea, Bee, & Jay 5
Smith, Brian SmittyOfficer Clawsome 1
Smith, Emma BlandMr. Mccloskey's Marvelous Mallards
Smith, RolandThe Switch
Srinivasan, DivyaLittle Owl's Love
Stansbie, StephanieSomeday
Stead, Philip C.The Sun Is Late and So Is the Farmer
Stein, David EzraBeaky Barnes
Stone, RexTracking the Diplodocus
Strange, LucySisters of the Lost Marsh
Sullivan, J. P.Dungeon Crawlers Academy 1
Sutherland, Tui T.Wings of Fire 6
Tarpley, ToddLeprechaun Vs. Easter Bunny
Teague, MarkKing Kong's Cousin
Tobin, PaulPlants Vs. Zombies 20
Trasler, JaneeThe Big Cheese
Underwood, DeborahWalter Had a Best Friend
Vegara, Maria Isabel SanchezNikola Tesla
Whipple, AnnetteMeow!
White, PaulaThe Baker by the Sea
Willan, AlexYetis Are the Worst!
Wu, JunyiCorgi Loves
Yolen, JaneHow Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind?
Yoon, HelenI'm a Unicorn