2022 September Adult Book Order

We’ve filled our September apple cart with great new books for you to enjoy!

Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Shadow Murders9/27/2022F
Appleyard, BryanThe Car9/6/2022NF
Backman, FredrikThe Winners9/27/2022F
Brook, AllisonDewey Decimated9/6/2022F
Clark, MelissaDinner in One9/6/2022NF
D'Erasmo, StaceyThe Complicities9/20/2022F
Gortner, C. W.The American Adventuress9/20/2022F
Harris, RobertAct of Oblivion9/13/2022F
Holmes, CassieHappier Hour9/6/2022NF
Lee, J. M.Broken Summer9/1/2022F
Mancuso, DanielYiayia Next Door9/1/2022NF
McCall Smith, AlexanderA Song of Comfortable Chairs9/6/2022F
Miglore, KristenFood52 Simply Genius9/27/2022NF
North, ClaireIthaca9/6/2022F
Novik, NaomiThe Golden Enclaves9/27/2022F
O'Farrell, MaggieThe Marriage Portrait9/6/2022F
Perry, AnneA Truth to Lie For9/20/2022F
Raybourn, DeannaKillers of a Certain Age9/6/2022F
Strout, ElizabethLucy by the Sea9/20/2022F
Worsley, LucyAgatha Christie9/6/2022NF