2021 Winter Children’s Book Order

Adler, David A.Run, Mo, Run!
Alston, B. B.Amari and the Night Brothers
Antrobus, RaymondCan Bears Ski?
Arnold, AndrewWhat's the Matter, Marlo?
Atkinson, CaleSuper Detectives!
Averbuch, Sheila M.Friend Me
Bailey, LindaPrincesses Versus Dinosaurs
Bauer, Marion DaneYosemite
Beer, JulieKids Vs. Plastic
Behrens, RebeccaAlone in the Woods
Boynton, SandraHow Big Is Zagnodd?
Bright, RachelWhen I'm Bigger, Mama Bear
Cabrera, JaneThe Bear Went over the Mountain
Clanton, BenBubbles
Cotterill, SamanthaThis Beach Is Loud!
Creech, SharonOne Time
Cujec, CarolReal
Davies, BryonyTrucks!
Davies, JacquelineSydney & Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World
De La Cruz, MelissaNever After
Dean, KimberlySuper Pete
Dennis, KathrynSnakes in Space
Donohue, Moira RoseStompin at the Savoy
Dorling Kindersley, Inc.The Book of Mythical Beasts and Magical Creatures
Feldman, TheaAlligators and Crocodiles Can't Chew!
Fenske, JonathanThe Bug in the Bog
Ferrari, AlessandroStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Foss, AstridThe Silver Secret
Foss, AstridThe Crystal Rose
Fry, MichaelGhosted
Gall, ChrisBig Rig Rescue!
Gardner, KateSnow Falls
Gennari, JenniferMuffled
Gerstein, MordicaiMoose, Goose, and Mouse
Goldman, DuffSuper Good Baking for Kids
Grabenstein, ChrisThe Smartest Kid in the Universe
Gratz, AlanGround Zero
Griffin, Molly BethTen Beautiful Things
Gutman, DanMr. Corbett is in Orbit
Harkness, AndyWolfboy
Hatke, BenJulia's House Moves On
Henkes, KevinSun Flower Lion
Ho, JoannaEyes That Kiss in the Corners
Holm, Jennifer L.The Lion of Mars
Holt, Kimberly WillisThe Ambassador of Nowhere Texas
Horvath, PollyPine Island Home
Houghton Mifflin HarcourtCarmen Sandiego
Jarrow, GailBlood and Germs
John, JoryThe Couch Potato
Kizis, DeannaPlease Don't Read This Book
Kramer, Jackie AzúaThe Boy and the Gorilla
Kusaka, HidenoriPokémon Sun & Moon 9
Kusugak, Michael ArvaarlukThe Most Amazing Bird
McCanna, TimDinosong
Meggitt-phillips, JackThe Beast and the Bethany
Paulsen, GaryGone to the Woods
Peacock, LouMr. Brown's Bad Day
Peirce, LincolnMax & the Midknights 2
Phelan, MattTurtle Walk
Powers, EdgarSuper Turbo 1
Powers, EdgarSuper Turbo 3
Prelutsky, JackHard-Boiled Bugs for Breakfast
Priddy BooksBig Tractor
Rex, AdamOn Account of the Gum
Rossner, RoseI Love You More, Babysaur
Schmidt, Gary D.Just Like That
Schroeder, LisaDon't Judge Me
Schwartz, AlvinScary Stories 3
Scroggs, KirkWe Found a Monster
Sheneman, DrewDinosaurs Are Not Extinct
Shojaie, RosemaryThe Snow Fox
Slade, SuzanneSwish!
Stein, PeterThe Runaway No-Wheeler
Sutherland, TuiWings of Fire Graphic Novel 4
Tabor, Corey R.Fox Versus Winter
Thomas, PattyStand Back, Said the Elephant, I'm Going to Sneeze!
Winick, JuddHilo 7
Yolen, JaneInterrupting Cow and the Chicken Crossing the Road
Yonezu, YusukeSharing
Zimmerman, AndreaBulldozer Friends
Zion, GeneHarry and the Guinea Pig