2021 October Adult Book Order

Aoki, RykaLight from Uncommon Stars9/28/2021F
Archer, Jeffrey *Over My Dead Body10/19/21F
Baer, Marc DavidThe Ottomans10/5/2021NF
Barbery, MurielA Single Rose9/28/2021F
Beard, MaryTwelve Caesars10/12/2021NF
Beaton, M. C.Down the Hatch10/26/21F
Boccaletti, GiulioWater9/14/2021NF
Bowen, RhysGod Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen10/12/21F
Bowler, KateNo Cure for Being Human9/28/2021NF
Cabot, MegNo Words10/12/21F
Chancy, Myriam J. A.What Storm, What Thunder10/5/2021F
Child, Lee *Better Off Dead10/26/21F
Cleveland, KarenYou Can Run8/31/2021F
Dahl, JuliaThe Missing Hours9/14/2021F
Day, CherylSouthern Baking Bible11/16/2021NF
Dusy, TanjaBuddha Bowls7/8/2021NF
Feeney, AliceRock Paper Scissors9/7/2021F
Franzen, JonathanCrossroads10/5/2021F
French, NicciThe Unheard10/26/2021F
Grandin, TempleNavigating Autism9/21/2021NF
Greenspan, DorieBaking With Dorie10/19/2021NF
Griffiths, PaulMr. Beethoven10/26/2021F
Grisham, John *The Judge's List10/19/21F
Hoffman, AliceThe Book of Magic10/12/21F
Hogan, RuthThe Moon, the Stars, and Madame Burova9/21/2021F
Holton, WoodyLiberty Is Sweet10/19/2021NF
Horowitz, AnthonyA Line to Kill10/19/2021F
Iturbe, AntonioThe Prince of the Skies11/2/2021F
Kinsella, SophieThe Party Crasher10/12/2021F
Lalli Music, CarlaThat Sounds So Good10/19/2021NF
Le Carre, John *Silverview10/12/21F
Macomber, Debbie *Dear Santa10/19/21F
Mayor, ArcherMarked Man10/12/21F
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Joy and Light Bus Company11/16/2021F
Mccloskey, DavidDamascus Station10/5/2021F
Miller, Nathaniel IanThe Memoirs of Stockholm Sven10/26/2021F
Morelli, LauraThe Stolen Lady9/21/2021F
Morris, HeatherThree Sisters10/5/2021F
Orlean, SusanOn Animals10/12/2021NF
Patterson, James *2 Sisters Detective Agency10/05/21F
Pearl, MatthewThe Taking of Jemima Boone10/5/2021NF
Penny, Louise  *State of Terror10/12/21F
Petrak, StephanieElegant Handcrafted Wreaths10/5/2021NF
Sedaris, DavidA Carnival of Snackery10/5/2021NF
Sharma, AnnikaLove, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words9/21/2021F
Steel, Danielle *The Butler10/05/21F
Stewart, MarthaMartha Stewart's Fruit Desserts10/12/2021NF
Strout, ElizabethOh William!10/19/2021F
Thornton, Stephanie MarieA Most Clever Girl9/14/2021F
Toews, MiriamFight Night10/5/2021F
Towles, AmorThe Lincoln Highway10/5/2021F
Unger, LisaLast Girl Ghosted10/5/2021F
Verant, SamanthaSophie Valroux's Paris Stars10/19/2021F
Williams, BeatrizThe Wicked Widow10/26/2021F
Wilson, TeriA Spot of Trouble9/7/2021F
Woods, Stuart *Foul Play10/05/21F