2024 April Adult Book Order

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Acton, HellyBegin Again4/2/2024
Adams, Sara NishaThe Twilight Garden4/9/2024
Alvarez, JuliaThe Cemetery of Untold Stories4/2/2024
Baldacci, DavidA Calamity of Souls4/16/2024
Bale, AnthonyA Travel Guide to the Middle Ages4/23/2024
Bannalec, Jean-LucDeath of a Master Chef4/30/2024
Bardugo, LeighThe Familiar4/9/2024
Beams, ClareThe Garden4/9/2024
Bilow, RochelleEffie Olsen's Summer Special4/30/2024
Burr, SamuelThe Fellowship of Puzzlemakers4/9/2024
Cambron, KristyThe British Booksellers4/9/2024
Campisi, MeganThe Widow Spy4/9/2024
Charles, Janet SkeslienMiss Morgan's Book Brigade4/30/2024
Chiaverini, JenniferThe Museum of Lost Quilts4/30/2024
Clark, Mary HigginsIt Had to Be You4/16/2024
Cole, AlyssaOne of Us Knows4/16/2024
Coleman, KelleyEverything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child3/12/2024
Cornwell, BernardSharpe's Command4/2/2024
Davies, CarysClear4/2/2024
Deveraux, JudeAn Unfinished Murder4/30/2024
Dolan, LianThe Marriage Sabbatical4/2/2024
Donati, SaraThe Sweet Blue Distance4/2/2024
Goodwin, Doris KearnsAn Unfinished Love Story : A Personal History of the 1960s4/16/2024
Gorrindo, SimoneThe Wives4/9/2024
Gramazio, HollyThe Husbands4/2/2024
Griffiths, EllyThe Last Word4/23/2024
Grunwald, LisaThe Evolution of Annabel Craig4/16/2024
Hakoda, KerriCold to the Touch4/9/2024
Henry, EmilyFunny Story4/23/2024
Hillerman, AnneLost Birds4/23/2024
Horowitz, AnthonyClose to Death4/16/2024
Jimenez, AbbyJust for the Summer4/2/2024
Kriss, AlexanderBorderline4/30/2024
Kubica, MaryShe's Not Sorry4/2/2024
Lamott, AnneSomehow4/9/2024
Lance, RachelChamber Divers4/16/2024
Larson, ErikThe Demon of Unrest4/30/2024
Lodato, VictorHoney4/16/2024
Lu, WenyanThe Funeral Cryer4/30/2024
Miller, VanessaThe American Queen1/30/2024
Minami, JikisaiIt's Okay Not to Look for the Meaning of Life4/2/2024
Miranda, MeganDaughter of Mine4/9/2024
Muller, MarciaCircle in the Water4/23/2024
Nichols, PeterGranite Harbor4/30/2024
Novak, BrendaTourist Season4/2/2024
Paretsky, SaraPay Dirt4/16/2024
Park, J. S.As Long As You Need4/16/2024
Patterson, JamesThe Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians4/8/2024
Patterson, JamesThe Murder Inn4/16/2024
Piazza, JoThe Sicilian Inheritance4/2/2024
Preston, DouglasExtinction4/23/2024
Ramakrishnan, VenkiWhy We Die3/19/2024
Reichl, RuthThe Paris Novel4/23/2024
Robinson, IshiSweetness in the Skin4/23/2024
Roll, David L.Ascent to Power4/23/2024
Sampson, FreyaNosy Neighbors4/2/2024
Sandford, JohnToxic Prey4/9/2024
Schaffert, TimothyThe Titanic Survivors Book Club4/2/2024
Shelton, PaigeThe Poison Pen4/9/2024
Sides, HamptonThe Wide Wide Sea4/9/2024
Simpson, Leanne ToshikoNever Been Better3/5/2024
Smiley, JaneLucky4/23/2024
Steel, DanielleOnly the Brave4/30/2024
Targoff, RamieShakespeare's Sisters3/12/2024
Thayer, NancyThe Summer We Started over4/23/2024
Tintera, AmyListen for the Lie3/5/2024
Towles, AmorTable for Two4/2/2024
Waxman, AbbiChrista Comes Out of Her Shell4/16/2024
Westerbeke, DouglasA Short Walk Through a Wide World4/2/2024
Williams, FionaThe House of Broken Bricks4/9/2024
Wilson, CarterThe Father She Went to Find4/2/2024
Winslow, DonCity in Ruins4/2/2024
Yablon, HillarySylvia's Second Act3/12/2024