2023 Winter YA Book Order

Don’t be left out in the cold! Lots of new YA titles are on their way! To place a title on hold, log into the catalog or call us at 860-445-0392.

Avery, AnnalieseThe Immortal Games1/2/2024
Cameron, SharonArtifice11/7/2023
Condie, AllyThe Only Girl in Town9/19/2023
De Becerra, KatyaWhen Ghosts Call Us Home10/3/2023
Dwyer, KristinThe Atlas of Us1/9/2024
Foxfield, KathrynTag, You're Dead12/5/2023
Gibbs, ShawneéGhost Roast1/2/2024
Grace, SinaSuperman10/3/2023
Hazelwood, AliCheck & Mate11/7/2023
Johnson, AbigailEvery Time You Go Away12/5/2023
Landers, MelissaMake Me a Liar12/5/2023
Lord, EmmaThe Getaway List1/23/2024
Montoya, AngelaSinner's Isle10/31/2023
Nadel, EstelleThe Girl Who Sang1/23/2024
Neiheiser, Tyffany D.Not Dead Enough1/23/2024
O'Connor, GeorgeAsgardians 13/26/2024
Pagani, BalthazarHow to Draw a Graphic Novel11/14/2023
Painter, LynnBetting on You11/28/2023
Paolini, ChristopherMurtagh11/7/2023
Patel, SajniA Drop of Venom1/16/2024
Saft, AllisonA Fragile Enchantment1/2/2024
Sanderson, BrandonDefiant11/21/2023
Sullivan, DeirdreSavage Her Reply10/3/2023
Sutanto, Jesse Q.Didn't See That Coming11/28/2023
Uru-chanUnordinary 111/7/2023
Wahl, PhoebePhoebe's Diary9/5/2023
Wasson, BrianSeven Minutes in Candyland12/12/2023