2023 December Adult Book Order

I can see the future, and it is bright! 2023 December’s adult book order is already out and ready for your reserves! To place an item on hold, log into the catalog or call us at 860-445-0392.

Amor, GemmaThe Folly12/5/2023F
Anderson, SarahThe Lost Art of Silence12/5/2023NF
Armstrong, JessThe Curse of Penryth Hall12/5/2023F
Brands, H. W.Founding Partisans11/7/2023NF
Caine, MichaelDeadly Game12/19/2023F
Cook, RobinManner of Death12/5/2023F
Cox, Mollie AnnThe Lace Widow12/12/2023F
Dunmore, EvieThe Gentleman's Gambit12/5/2023F
Fadipe, KehindeThe Sun Sets in Singapore10/31/2023F
Frear, CazFive Bad Deeds12/5/2023F
Greger, Michael, M.D.How Not to Age12/5/2023NF
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaThe Mistress of Ashmore Castle12/5/2023F
Head, DavidA Republic of Scoundrels12/5/2023NF
Howe, Jenny L.On the Plus Side12/26/2023F
Lawhon, ArielThe Frozen River12/5/2023F
Lynch, PaulProphet Song12/12/2023F
Malcolm, Joyce LeeThe Times That Try Men's Souls12/5/2023NF
Marrs, JohnThe Vacation12/19/2023F
Morris, Martha ClareThe Official Mind Diet12/26/2023NF
Omer, MikePlease Tell Me12/1/2023F
Tick, JudithBecoming Ella Fitzgerald12/5/2023NF
Umehara, AyakoSoap Making for Beginners11/7/2023NF
Yarros, RebeccaFourth Wing5/2/2023F