2023 Fall J Book Order

Fall is coming, and will be bringing a pile of new children’s books! See the great table below, and reserve some on our catalog or by calling 860-445-0392.

AuthorTitlePublication Date
Albus, KateNothing Else but Miracles9/5/2023
Applegate, KatherineDogtown9/19/2023
Arango, Andrea BeatrizSomething Like Home9/12/2023
Awan, JasharI'm Going to Build a Snowman9/19/2023
Barnett, MacThe First Cat in Space and the Soup of Doom10/3/2023
Bates, Amy JuneThe Welcome Home9/19/2023
Bennett, JennGrumbones8/1/2023
Bentley, TadghOne Chicken Nugget3/7/2023
Berger, CarinIn the Night Garden7/4/2023
Bingham, WinsomeThe Walk9/12/2023
Blackall, SophieIf I Was a Horse10/3/2023
Boynton, SandraWoodland Dance!9/5/2023
Bradshaw, JohnA First Guide to Cats9/26/2023
Brallier, MaxThe Last Kids on Earth 911/7/2023
Bridwell, NormanClifford's Halloween6/27/2017
Brown, PeterThe Wild Robot Protects9/26/2023
Carzoo, BreannaGreenlight7/18/2023
Cervantes, AngelaThe Cursed Moon9/5/2023
Cham, JorgeOliver's Great Big Universe 19/26/2023
Chapman, JaredSeals Are Jerks!9/5/2023
Clanton, BenPloof9/26/2023
Clanton, BenNarwhal and Jelly 87/4/2023
Colfer, EoinThree Tasks for a Dragon10/3/2023
Cooper, JayStyx and Scones in the Cracked Crystal8/29/2023
Cordell, MatthewCornbread & Poppy at the Museum9/26/2023
Curran-bauer, ChristeeThe Case of the Missing Tarts8/29/2023
Dean, KimberlyPete the Cat and the Space Chase9/5/2023
DiCamillo, KateThe Puppets of Spelhorst10/10/2023
Dipucchio, KellyBecoming Charley5/2/2023
Diterlizzi, AngelaA Very Cranky Book9/19/2023
Dolan, HannahHow to Build Lego Animals8/15/2023
Dorling Kindersley, Inc.Children's Book of Music9/26/2023
Dubois, Claude K.George and Tao9/5/2023
Dyckman, AmeTiny Barbarian Conquers the Kraken!8/22/2023
Eldredge, JanNimbus9/5/2023
Everett, SarahThe Probability of Everything6/27/2023
Ferry, BethThe Christmassy Cactus9/12/2023
Fliess, SueCicada Symphony5/11/2023
Fong, PamWhen the Fog Rolls in10/10/2023
Fox, KathleenA Few Beautiful Minutes9/26/2023
Francis, SuzanneThe Frozen Saga8/1/2023
Gallagher, JohnMax Meow 511/7/2023
Gerry, Lisa M.Big Words for Little Paleontologists10/17/2023
Grabenstein, ChrisEscape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library11/7/2023
Gravett, Emily10 Dogs9/19/2023
Green, John PatrickInvestigators 79/26/2023
Grimes, NikkiA Walk in the Woods9/12/2023
Gross, Kelsey E.Winter10/10/2023
Hahn, Mary DowningAll the Lovely Bad Ones8/29/2023
Hatch, LeanneThe Brand-New, Never-Used, Perfect Crayons8/22/2023
Hawkins, AlisonTime to Go, Larry9/19/2023
Healy, ChristopherNo One Leaves the Castle8/15/2023
Hiaasen, CarlWrecker9/26/2023
Hiaasen, CarlWrecker9/26/2023
Hickey, CarolineGinny Off the Map6/20/2023
Hill, Amanda RawsonOnce upon a Family8/1/2023
Ho, JannieFry Guys 19/26/2023
Ho, JoannaSay My Name9/26/2023
Holm, Jennifer L.The Big Adventures of Babymouse 210/3/2023
Holt, BobThe Red Jacket7/4/2023
Houts, MichelleHopefully the Scarecrow8/8/2023
Hrachovec, AnnaCatside Up, Catside Down9/26/2023
Hugo, SimonLego Marvel Visual Dictionary10/3/2023
John, JoryThe Big Cheese11/7/2023
Johnson, KevinCape6/20/2023
Jortner, Maura102 Days of Lying About Lauren6/20/2023
Judge, LitaDon't Worry, Wuddles9/26/2023
Klassen, JonThe Skull7/11/2023
Knapman, TimothySometimes I Am Furious6/6/2023
Kuefler, JosephThe Digger and the Butterfly5/23/2023
Kurilla, RenéeIt's Fall!8/22/2023
Kusaka, HidenoriPokémon8/8/2023
Lai, RemyGhost Book8/15/2023
Lazar, TaraFlat Cat9/19/2023
Li, ChristinaRuby Lost and Found5/16/2023
Martin, Ann M.The Baby-Sitters Club 1410/3/2023
Matson, MorganThe Firefly Summer5/2/2023
McWilliam, HowardJust Snow Already!9/1/2023
Messner, KateThe Scariest Kitten in the World8/29/2023
Mills, JuliaI Am Stuck9/26/2023
Mole, SimonStomp and Chomp10/10/2023
National Geographic KidsWeird but True! Disney9/26/2023
Nicholls, SallyThe Nose, Toes, and Tummy Book9/5/2023
Parr, ToddThe Monster Mac and Cheese Party6/27/2023
Pilkey, DavCat Kid Comic Club 511/28/2023
Puckett, LindsayThe Odds9/19/2023
Random HouseThe Clone Wars Ahsoka Vs. Maul10/11/2023
Rex, AdamThe Story of Gumluck the Wizard8/15/2023
Richmond, MarianneI Promise You All Ways9/5/2023
Richmond, Susan EdwardsNight Owl Night8/8/2023
Rinker, Sherri DuskeyConstruction Site9/26/2023
Riordan, RickThe Chalice of the Gods9/26/2023
Rissi, Anica MroseWishing Season6/27/2023
Rivera, LilliamBarely Floating8/29/2023
Rogers, KimA Letter for Bob9/19/2023
Roselló, JarodSuper Magic Boy 110/3/2023
Rosen, MichaelBear's Big Dreaming10/31/2023
Rosenthal, Amy KrouseUni and the 100 Treasures9/5/2023
Rosie, TanyaGrandpa Is Here!8/29/2023
Schmidt, G. Z.The Curious Vanishing of Beatrice Willoughby9/5/2023
Schufman, MatthewFraser the Forest Ranger11/14/2023
Sheppard, MarketteNinja Nate9/26/2023
Sibley, David AllenWhat It's Like to Be a Bird10/3/2023
Small, SteveBrave Little Bear10/24/2023
Snider, GrantNothing Ever Happens on a Gray Day9/5/2023
Soloy, LaurenThe Hidden World of Gnomes6/20/2023
Standish, AliThe Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall9/12/2023
Stead, RebeccaThe Lost Library8/29/2023
Sutherland, TuiWings of Fire 712/26/2023
Takekuma, KentaroSuper Mario Adventures10/11/2016
Tavares, MattDasher Can't Wait for Christmas9/5/2023
Thomas, JanProblem Solved!8/29/2023
Tobin, PaulPlants Vs. Zombies 2210/17/2023
Tullet, HerveTap! Tap! Tap!5/16/2023
Tuma, RefeFrances and the Werewolves of the Black Forest8/22/2023
Vitalis, JessicaCoyote Queen10/10/2023
Wechterowicz, PrzemyslawWhen Little Owl Met Little Rabbit4/18/2023
Wells, RosemaryOn the Night Before Kindergarten6/27/2023
Wenzel, BrendanEvery Dreaming Creature9/26/2023
Willems, MoDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!9/5/2023
Woodson, JacquelineRemember Us10/10/2023
Yuly, ToniSlowly Slowly9/12/2023
Zion, GeneHarry at the Dog Show9/5/2023