2023 Summer Children’s Book Order

It’s starting to get warmer. Why not stop in for some cool new Children’s books?

To reserve a title or for more information, call us at 860-445-0392.

AuthorTitlePublication Date
Abdo, DanBarb the Last Berzerker 38/22/2023
Agee, JonMy Dad Is a Tree5/2/2023
Agostini, Alliah L.Big Tune3/28/2023
Alexander, RillaYou Rule!4/4/2023
Allegra, MikePirate & Penguin5/30/2023
Anderson, John DavidThe Greatest Kid in the World5/9/2023
Applegate, KatherineThe One and Only Ruby5/2/2023
Armand, GlendaThe Night Before Freedom5/2/2023
Ashman, LindaMommy's Kisses and Cuddles3/7/2023
Bauer, Marion DaneThe Night Sky6/27/2023
Beckmeyer, DrewI Am a Tornado5/9/2023
Bently, PeterI Am Cat!5/2/2023
Berne, Emma CarlsonThe Sparkle Dragons 212/19/2023
Bishop, NicElephants11/1/2022
Blackford, HarrietBig Book of Dinosaurs5/30/2023
Bouwman, H. M.Gossamer Summer5/30/2023
Boynton, SandraHey! Wake Up!6/6/2023
Boynton, SandraFifteen Animals!6/6/2023
Buckley, James, Jr.Stars and Galaxies5/2/2023
Bunting, PhilipWombat6/13/2023
Cameron, W. BruceZeus8/29/2023
Chanani, NidhiShark Princess 25/2/2023
Clanton, BenA Narwhal and Jelly Book 66/6/2023
Coven, WandaWorst Broommate Ever!5/30/2023
Coven, WandaWorst Love Spell Ever!8/29/2023
Creech, SharonA Smart, Smart School6/13/2023
Cummins, Lucy RuthOur Pool6/13/2023
Curran, KittyGrave Mistakes8/15/2023
Davies, JacquelineThe International House of Dereliction7/18/2023
Dimopoulos, ElaineThe Remarkable Rescue at Milkweed Meadow5/16/2023
Dorling Kindersley Ltd.Eyewitness National Parks6/6/2023
Dorling Kindersley Ltd.Garden Friends4/4/2023
Downing, JulieNight in the City3/28/2023
Drimmer, Stephanie WarrenHow to Survive in the Age of Dinosaurs4/11/2023
Duran, AliciaApple Pie Picnic3/21/2023
Dyckman, AmeHow Dinosaurs Went Extinct4/18/2023
Farr, DavidThe Book of Stolen Dreams5/2/2023
Fehr, DanielThere's a Cow in My Bed5/2/2023
Fleming, CandacePenny & Pip6/13/2023
Fleming, CandaceMine!8/1/2023
Fleming, MegI Live in a Tree Trunk4/18/2023
Gianferrari, MariaBeing a Cat4/4/2023
Gold, TanyaA Noob's Diary of an 8-bit Warrior7/25/2023
Good Housekeeping InstituteGood Housekeeping 1,001 Amazing Science Facts8/22/2023
Goodale, E. B.The Moon Remembers5/9/2023
Grabenstein, ChrisEvil Genius5/16/2023
Graff, LisaRewind8/22/2023
Gravett, Emily10 Cats5/2/2023
Gutman, DanDorks in New York!6/27/2023
Gutman, DanUncle Fred Is a Knucklehead!6/13/2023
Hale, ShannonParty Hearty Kitty-Corn3/28/2023
Harrington, Janice N.Hurry, Kate, or You'll Be Late!4/25/2023
Harrison, VashtiBig5/2/2023
Hartman, AubreyThe Lion of Lark-hayes Manor5/2/2023
Holabird, KatharineBest Big Sister Ever!5/2/2023
Holub, JoanBears Are Best!8/15/2023
Hugo, SimonThe Big Book of Lego Facts5/2/2023
Jenner, CarynCats and Kittens5/2/2023
John, JoryNothing's Wrong!5/2/2023
Jones, P. KnuckleFinder's Creatures 18/8/2023
Judge, LitaDogs4/18/2023
Kann, VictoriaPinkalicious and the Pinkamazing Little Library6/27/2023
Kington, EmilyDogs6/27/2023
Krampien, CeliaThe Bellwoods Game7/18/2023
Kurpiel, SarahSnake's Big Mistake5/9/2023
Larocca, RajaniSummer Is for Cousins5/16/2023
Le, MinhReal to Me5/2/2023
Lerner, JarrettA Work in Progress5/2/2023
Lerner, JarrettNat the Cat Takes a Bath5/2/2023
Lobel, AnitaGood Morning, Good Night2/7/2023
Mara, MaddyThe Thunder Egg5/2/2023
Mara, MaddyBattle for Imperia8/1/2023
Martin, Bill, Jr.Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep!4/25/2023
Mcmann, MattEscape from Grimstone Manor5/9/2023
Meadows, MichelleHow to Love a Pony5/2/2023
Messner, KateFergus and Zeke for President5/23/2023
Michaels, PattyFlashback to The... Fly '90s!6/14/2023
Miller, KalenaShannon in the Spotlight4/25/2023
Molebash, WesTravis Daventhorpe for the Win! 13/21/2023
Monsef, KiyashOnce There Was4/4/2023
Montgomery, SyThe Book of Turtles5/2/2023
Morris, ChadThe Wild Journey of Juniper Berry8/15/2023
National Geographic KidsWeird but True Sharks5/9/2023
Nielsen, Jennifer A.Iceberg3/7/2023
Nolte, KatherinBack to the Bright Before5/30/2023
Ogle, RexFour Eyes 15/2/2023
Osborne, Linda BarrettWho's Got Mail?5/2/2023
Osborne, Mary PopeMagic Tree House 58/22/2023
Oswald, PeteThe Noise Inside Boys5/2/2023
Patterson, JamesMinerva Keen's Detective Club5/1/2023
Perry, EmmaLet's Go Puddling!4/25/2023
Pla, Sally J.The Fire, the Water, and Maudie Mcginn7/11/2023
Porter, JaneSo You Want to Be a Frog4/25/2023
Random HouseThomas and Percy's Spooky Night7/4/2023
Reagan, JeanHow to Go Hiking6/6/2023
Robertson, LukeWho Am I? Wild Animals4/18/2023
Rudd, Maggie C.How to Stay Invisible6/27/2023
Saeed, AishaGrounded5/9/2023
Sarcone-Roach, JuliaThe Ice Cream Vanishes6/20/2023
Saxby, ClaireGreat White Shark6/6/2023
Schmidt, Gary D.The Labors of Hercules Beal5/23/2023
Scott, JordanMy Baba's Garden3/7/2023
Shaskan, StephenPizza and Taco 66/27/2023
Shojaie, RosemaryJasper’s Barn7/5/2023
Skye, EvelynPrincess Private Eye5/2/2023
Snyder, LaurelThe Witch of Woodland5/16/2023
Sourcil, PirateDiary of an 8-bit Warrior Graphic Novel 45/2/2023
Steinberg, D. J.How to Be Confident in Kindergarten5/16/2023
Stine, R. L.Why Did the Monster Cross the Road?7/4/2023
Tabor, Corey R.Simon and the Better Bone5/9/2023
Tabor, Corey R.Fox Has a Problem8/1/2023
Tang, Betty C.Parachute Kids4/4/2023
Tavares, MattHoops3/14/2023
Teague, MarkWe Are Going to Be Pals!6/6/2023
Thompson, Laurie AnnYou Are a Raccoon!4/11/2023
Tobin, PaulPlants Vs. Zombies 216/13/2023
Turnbloom, LucasSteve L. Mcevil 27/11/2023
Weatherford, Carole BostonHow Do You Spell Unfair?4/11/2023
Weaver, JoBibi5/16/2023
Whaite, MichaelDiggersaurs Mission to Mars6/6/2023