2023 Spring Children’s Book Order

Spring has sprung, and a new passel of children’s books have popped up here at the library! Call us for more info or to put a title on hold.

Alexander, KwameHow to Write a Poem
Allenby, VictoriaLet's Add Up!
Anderson, M. T.Elf Dog & Owl Head
Ashman, LindaWonder Dogs!
Ayoade, RichardThe Book That No One Wanted to Read
Bailey, JennHenry, Like Always
Beatty, RobertSerafina and the Black Cloak
Becker, ShellyOne, Two, Grandpa Loves You
Bellows, Melina GerosaTotally Random Questions
Berkowitz, ElizaA Kid's Guide to Backyard Birds
Boyer, CrispinThe Voyage on the Oddest Sea
Boynton, SandraWoo Hoo! You're Doing Great!
Brallier, MaxThe Last Comics on Earth 1
Brun-Cosme, NadineRabbit, Duck, and Big Bear
Burach, RossMake Way for Butterfly
Cabrera, JaneThe Daily Sniff
Carney, ElizabethForest Babies
Cousins, LucyA Good Place
Craft, JerrySchool Trip
Cube KidLost in the Nether
DeKeyser, StacyHow to Catch a Polar Bear
Donaldson, JuliaWelcome to the World
Donnelly, RebeccaTotal Garbage
Dorling Kindersley Ltd.Meet the Dinosaurs
Ferry, BethThe Umbrella
Fischer, TimUnder the Blanket Sky
Fleming, MegI Was Born a Baby
Frazee, MarlaIn Every Life
Garrett, Van G.Juneteenth
Grabenstein, ChrisNo Is All I Know!
Hahn, Mary DowningWait Till Helen Comes
Hale, ShannonThe Princess in Black and the Prince in Pink
Hammond, TiffanyA Day With No Words
Haughton, ChrisDon't Worry, Little Crab
Hemming, AliceDon't Touch That Flower!
Henkes, KevinThe World and Everything in It
Hest, AmySometimes It's Nice to Be Alone
Higgins, RyanWe Don't Lose Our Class Goldfish
Ho, JoannaOne Day
Hoyle, MccallJust Gus
Jones, MattStar Wars Grogu's Galaxy
Jones, MattGrogu's Galaxy
Kate, LaurenOne True Wish
Kraegel, KennethMushroom Lullaby
Kusaka, HidenoriPokémon Sword & Shield 6
Lepp, RoydenJurassic Jeff 1
Lloyd, Megan WagnerSquished
Lloyd, Megan WagnerSuper Pancake 1
Lord, CynthiaHome Away from Home
Madan, VikramOwl and Penguin
Markarian, MargieGo Wild! Lions
McDunn, GillianWhen Sea Becomes Sky
McMullan, KateHow Do You Go to Sleep?
Medina, JuanaElena Rides
Meisel, PaulI See a Bat
Mercado, YehudiShazam! Thundercrack
Montanari, EvaWhat Does Little Crocodile Say at the Beach?
Mook-sang, JenniferThe Care and Keeping of Grandmas
Mull, BrandonCarnival Quest
Ogle, RexFour Eyes 1
O'Hara, MoHush, Little Rocket
O'Neill, K.The Moth Keeper
O'Shaughnessy, KateLasagna Means I Love You
Parachini, JodieWake Up, Trucks!
Pascal, FrancineSweet Valley Twins 2
Pilkey, DavDog Man 11
Pizzoli, GregMister Kitty Is Lost!
Rex, MichaelWants VS. Needs VS. Robots
Rylant, CynthiaRain
Savit, GavrielCome See the Fair
Sax, SarahThe Brinkley Yearbooks 1
Sayre, April PulleyIn Between
Sehgal, KabirIt's Diwali!
Selznick, BrianBig Tree
Shaskan, StephenPizza and Taco
Shatokhin, OleksandrYellow Butterfly
Sleeping Bear PressHello Baby Penguin!
Stone, RexCatching the Velociraptor
Sudyka, DianaLittle Land
Sullivan, JohnStanley's Secret
Tanumihardja, PatriciaRamen for Everyone
Tarshis, LaurenI Survived The Wellington Avalanche, 1910
Toht, PatriciaTogether With You
Underwood, EdwardNature
Vere, EdThe Artist
Vickers, ElaineHalf Moon Summer
Whittingham, JaneBear Has a Belly
Winick, JuddHilo 9
Zahler, DianeWild Bird