2022 August New Adult Book Order

The heat is on! Someone, anyone, it can be turned down a bit, now!!! Well, while we’re enjoying the dog days of August, peruse our list of newly ordered titles. Call us or email us to put a hot new book on hold!

Abbott, JeffTraitor's DanceF
Acampora, LaurenThe Hundred WatersF
Beckley, MikeDanger ZoneNF
Bowen, RhysWhere the Sky BeginsF
Brown, EleanorAny Other FamilyF
Brown, SandraOverkillF
Buck, RinkerLife on the MississippiNF
Cannon, JoannaA Tidy EndingF
Center, KatherineThe BodyguardF
Colgan, JennyRules at the School by the SeaF
Coulter, CatherineReckoningF
Donoghue, EmmaHavenF
Dubbins, AndrewInto Enemy WatersNF
Edwards, Shaunna J.The Thread CollectorsF
Emerson, RamonaShutterF
Fielding, JoyThe HousekeeperF
Ford, JamieThe Many Daughters of Afong MoyF
Francis, FelixIcedF
Galbraith, RobertThe Ink Black HeartF
Gaydos, EllynPig YearsNF
Goldin, MeganStay AwakeF
Hafner, KatieThe BoysF
Hamid, MohsinThe Last White ManF
Hayes-McCoy, FelicityThe Heart of SummerF
Holsinger, BruceThe DisplacementsF
Isaka, KotaroThree AssassinsF
Jewell, LisaThe Family RemainsF
Johnson, TyrellThe Lost KingsF
Lagercrantz, DavidDark MusicF
Lim, RoselleSophie Go's Lonely Hearts ClubF
Mandanna, SanguThe Very Secret Society of Irregular WitchesF
Martin, MadelineThe Librarian SpyF
Mathews, Sarah ThankamAll This Could Be DifferentF
Mayes, FrancesA Place in the WorldNF
McFarlane, MhairiMad About YouF
Mctier, MoiyaThe Milky WayNF
Patterson, JamesThe Ninth MonthF
Pulley, NatashaThe Half Life of Valery KF
Ray, VictorOn Critical Race TheoryNF
Razak, MelodyMothF
Reid, Taylor JenkinsCarrie Soto Is BackF
Rockaway, KristinSmart Girl SummerF
Sampson, FreyaThe Lost TicketF
Scrivenor, HayleyDirt CreekF
Sivak, ZoeMademoiselle RevolutionF
Slaughter, KarinGirl, ForgottenF
Steel, DanielleThe ChallengeF
Steinmetz, GregAmerican RascalNF
Tait, KittyBreadsongNF
Whelan, JuliaThank You for ListeningF
Williams, OdetteSimple PastaNF
Wilson, TeriA Line in the SandF
Woods, StuartBlack DogF
Young, LaurenHitler's GirlNF