2022 June Adult Book Order

This month, for the June 2022 adult book order, It All Comes Down to ThisJackie & Me Can’t Look Away from a Cult ClassicTales of Al. And neither can you, because The Girl Who Survived, Hurricane Girl, and Belle Greene all have A Face to Die For. We can Trust that Last Summer on State Street was not at all Counterfeit, but rather Bittersweet, like Last Call at the Nightingale.

Let’s follow Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting while we go Nightcrawling to Vacationland and stay at The Hotel Nantucket. Or maybe we should Fly Solo Out of the Clear Blue Sky to Hatchet Island for An Island Wedding to The Second Husband, and stay in The Locked Room? While there, we can watch for a Red Warning and Escape the Messy Lives of Book People to visit 100 Great American Parks, because The Moon Sign Guide indicates that The Earth is All That Lasts.

(Can you think of more ways to use the titles from this month’s new arrivals?)

Barton, FionaLocal Gone Missing6/14/2022F
Bayard, LouisJackie & Me6/14/2022F
Bohmig, FranzThe Month-by-month Gardening Guide6/7/2022NF
Brooks, GeraldineHorse6/14/22F
Cain, SusanBittersweet4/5/2022NF
Chen, KirstinCounterfeit6/7/2022F
Colgan, JennyAn Island Wedding6/21/2022F
Cox, LynneTales of Al5/24/2022NF
Crosley, SloaneCult Classic6/7/2022F
Dermansky, MarcyHurricane Girl6/14/2022F
Diaz, HernanTrust5/3/2022F
Doiron, PaulHatchet Island6/28/2022F
Fischer, David HackettAfrican Founders5/31/2022NF
Fowler, Therese AnneIt All Comes Down to This6/7/2022F
Gardner, Mark LeeThe Earth Is All That Lasts6/21/2022NF
Gat, AnnabelThe Moon Sign Guide5/3/2022NF
Griffiths, EllyThe Locked Room6/28/2022F
Higgins, KristanOut of the Clear Blue Sky6/7/2022F
Hilderbrand, ElinThe Hotel Nantucket6/14/22F
Holmes, LindaFlying Solo6/14/2022F
Jackson, LisaThe Girl Who Survived6/28/22F
Johansen, IrisA Face to Die for6/14/22F
Khavari, KateA Botanist's Guide to Parties and Poisons6/7/2022NF
Kimmerle, ErinWe Carry Their Bones6/14/2022NF
Koepp, DavidAurora6/7/2022F
Lapierre, AlexandraBelle Greene6/14/2022F
Liptak, AndrewCosplay6/28/2022NF
Lovering, CarolaCan't Look Away6/14/2022F
Menon, LilyThe Sizzle Paradox6/28/2022F
Monaghan, AnnabelNora Goes Off Script6/7/2022F
Moore, Meg MitchellVacationland6/14/2022F
Moshfegh, OttessaLapvona6/21/2022F
Mottley, LeilaNightcrawling6/7/2022F
Patrick, PhaedraThe Messy Lives of Book People5/31/2022F
Patterson, JamesJames Patterson by James Patterson6/6/2022NF
Patterson, JamesEscape6/20/22F
Pearson, Stephanie100 Great American Parks5/10/2022NF
Pooley, ClareIona Iverson's Rules for Commuting6/7/2022F
Poston, AshleyThe Dead Romantics6/28/2022F
Quirk, MatthewRed Warning6/7/2022F
Rosen, Jane L.A Shoe Story6/28/2022F
Schellman, KatharineLast Call at the Nightingale6/7/2022F
Seabrook, NickOne Person, One Vote6/14/2022NF
Sicherer, Scott H., M.D.The Complete Guide to Food Allergies in Adults and Children5/3/2022NF
Steel, DanielleSuspects6/28/22F
White, KateThe Second Husband6/28/2022F
Wolfe, ToyaLast Summer on State Street6/14/2022F