2021 July Adult Book Order

Abbott, JeffAn Ambush of Widows7/6/2021F
Aubray, CamilleThe Godmothers6/15/2021F
Barnett, CynthiaThe Sound of the Sea7/6/2021NF
Biberdorf, KateIt's Elemental7/13/2021NF
Buckmaster, DavidFair Pay6/29/2021NF
Castillo, LindaFallen7/6/2021F
Cherry, BrittainyThe Mixtape7/1/2021F
Chiaverini, JenniferThe Women's March : A Novel of the 1913 Woman Suffrage Procession7/27/21F
Constantine, LivThe Stranger in the Mirror7/6/2021F
Cronin, MarianneThe One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot6/1/2021F
Diop, DavidAt Night All Blood Is Black11/10/2020F
Dorey-stein, BeckRock the Boat6/29/2021F
Eccles, MarjorieDarkness Beyond7/6/2021F
Fesperman, DanThe Cover Wife7/6/2021F
Gelman, LaurieYoga Pant Nation7/13/2021F
Gerritsen, TessChoose Me7/01/21F
Guillory, JasmineWhile We Were Dating7/13/2021F
Harmel, KristinThe Forest of Vanishing Stars7/6/2021F
Harris, NathanThe Sweetness of Water6/15/2021F
Hauck, LizHome Made6/8/2021NF
Jobb, DeanThe Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream7/13/2021NF
Kupersmith, VioletBuild Your House Around My Body7/6/2021F
Läckberg, CamillaSilver Tears7/6/2021F
Lapena, ShariNot a Happy Family7/27/2021F
Laureys, Steven, M.d.The No-Nonsense Meditation Book6/15/2021NF
Lee, JonathanThe Great Mistake6/15/2021F
Leonnig, CarolZero Fail5/18/2021NF
Lodge, GythaLie Beside Me6/22/2021F
Mackay, JamieThe Invention of Sicily7/13/2021NF
Macomber, DebbieIt s Better This Way7/13/21F
Marsh, VioletThe Aviatrix6/15/2021F
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Man With the Silver Saab7/20/2021F
Michaelides, AlexThe Maidens6/15/2021F
Milton, GilesCheckmate in Berlin7/13/2021NF
Miranda, MeganSuch a Quiet Place7/13/2021F
Paris, B. A.The Therapist7/13/2021F
Parker-chan, ShelleyShe Who Became the Sun7/20/2021F
Patterson, JamesThe Shadow7/13/21F
Reichs, KathyThe Bone Code7/06/21F
Rodkey, GeoffLights Out in Lincolnwood7/6/2021F
Roper, RichardWhen We Were Young7/20/2021F
Sauytbay, SayragulThe Chief Witness6/15/2021NF
Scales, HelenThe Brilliant Abyss7/6/2021NF
Scurr, RuthNapoleon: a life told in gardens and shadows6/15/2021NF
Sebastian, LauraHalf Sick of Shadows7/6/2021F
Shesol, JeffMercury Rising6/1/2021NF
Silva, DanielThe Cellist7/13/21F
Slaughter, KarinFalse Witness7/20/2021F
Steel, DanielleNine Lives7/06/21F
Taylor, Mary EllenThe Words We Whisper7/20/2021F
Thor, BradBlack Ice7/20/21F
Weiss, LeahAll the Little Hopes7/27/2021F
Wendig, ChuckThe Book of Accidents7/20/2021F
Williams, TiaSeven Days in June6/1/2021F