The Bill Memorial Library Presents "The Bill Family of Groton and Ledyard"

Bill Memorial Library Presents “The Bill Family of Groton and Ledyard”

Frederic Bill’s donation of the beautiful Bill Memorial Library in Groton still welcomes the public and will provide the setting for a telling of the Bill family story on Saturday, March 28 at 11 am by local genealogist and historian Carol Ganz. Patriarch Gurdon Bill of Ledyard brought his children up to be industrious and generous members of society and his sons made their mark wherever they settled. Frederic was not the only son to establish a library, and their list of accomplishments and donations would have made Gurdon proud.

Carol Ganz’s interest in genealogy and local history came together in her research of the Bill family as the Church Historian at Ledyard Congregational Church. She is a retired reference librarian who has worked at the Connecticut State Library’s History and Genealogy Unit as well as the Bill Library in Ledyard.

This program is free of charge but registration is required—please call the library at 860-445-0392 to register.

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