Friends of the Bill Memorial Library

We get by with A LOT of help from our Friends!
Teen Advisory Board
Haunted Library
Haunted Library
Sing Along with Santa
Museum Passes supported by the Friends
Furniture purchased by the Friends
Community Coloring Night
Keurig Coffee courtesy of the Friends
Two book sales each year

The Mission of the Friends of the BML is to...

  • Engage in small-scale, short-term fundraising to supplement the operating budget of the Library
  • Provide and promote programming that enriches the cultural, educational, and literary experiences of the citizens of Groton and of the members of the Friends of the Bill Memorial Library
  • Collaborate with the staff, patrons, and board of trustees of the Library to advance the mission of the Library
  • Promote the Library to the public, to act as the PR department to the community

Want to learn more?

Attend our next meeting! Call for more information on dates and times.