iConn                        Database of newspaper and periodical full-text articles with

InfoTrac Junior Edition    Articles and curriculum-related materials for grades 6~8

InfoTrac Student Edition    Articles and curriculum-related materials for grades 9~12

DiscoverySchool    Contains over 700 links to sites that help you with
                               with your homework

SparkNotes      Online study guides

How Stuff Works    Find out how stuff works!

TeenSpace            Internet Public Library for Teens "TeenSpace",
                              with information to help with life, school, friends,
                              and work

TeenHealth        Info on fitness, mind & body, drugs & alcohol

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids: Grades 9-12  Includes historical documents, including the U.S. constitution, games and activities, links to government web sites.

High School Ace    Online academic resources for high school students. Features a reference desk, college information, and subject guides for English, mathematics, social studies, science, global languages, arts, and technology.

Owl Online Writing Lab  A guide to grammar, punctuation and spelling. Includes PowerPoint presentations on grammar, downloadable handouts, and resources for English as a second language learners.


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