College Links

The Princeton Review - Information and practice tools on the ACT and SAT from the Princeton Review.
American Universities - Homepages for American universities granting bachelor or advanced degrees.
College Ahead - A wealth of information for students and parents. Includes information on preparing for standardized tests, selecting a college, financing a college education, submitting the FAFSA, and other topics. From Sallie Mae, Inc. A few sections of this site, like the Scholarship Search, require you to log in or register. - From the association that brings you the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and AP programs. This site guides you through the college search, offers SAT registration and prep online.
FAFSA on the Web - U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid online. Includes information on aid and online applications.
FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid - Planning to go to college? Most college students receive some form of financial aid. On this website, learn about student loans, scholarships, and tax benefits. The other sections of this site will help you make better decisions regarding the financing of your college career. The financial aid process can be intimidating, but knowledge is power!
GoCollege - The Collegiate Websource - Information on ACTs, SATs, schools, and scholarships.
Multnomah County Library College Planning - A selected list of links to sites that help with the college selection process. Included are guides to schools and sites on admissions, financial aid, and study abroad.
Real Work Matters Vocational School Database - Lists post-secondary vocational schools in all 50 states.

Career Links

BLS Student Resources - Get information about careers that might interest you based on your favorite subjects in school and more.
The Fun Works: For Careers You Never Knew Existed - Find out about various careers in the arts, music, sports, science, technology, medicine, and engineering. This site includes quizzes to focus on aptitudes, games and puzzles to provide a glimpse of the jobs, and information about necessary education, typical salaries, and the nature of the work. From the Educational Development Center. For students ages 11-15.
JobStar Central Guides for Specific Careers - Links to sites offering information on careers. Find out what kind of education or training is required, what it is like for people currently working in a specific field, what you can earn, and more.
Occupational Outlook Handbook - This site includes descriptions of different occupations, educational requirements, salaries, working conditions, and more.

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